Antenna Web Design Studio
Home page.  Welcome!


This is a 3 page web site template designed to show you a simple site structure which makes use of Antenna's Site-Theme page.


The theme graphics and buttons have been assembled just once on a page called site.theme - a page that is included automatically on all the other pages (index.htm about.htm and contact.htm).


Any changes you make to site.theme will be reflected automatically in all the other web pages.  This makes it very easy to expand your site or change the overall visual appearance at any time in the future - simply by editing one single page.


Another thing to notice about this site is a graphics efficiency technique.  Wide graphics such as the horizontal gradient bars are in fact very tiny images - just 1 pixel wide.  You can preview these in the /images folder.  This makes for very small file sizes so the pages load faster, even though they appear to have a high graphical content.